Digital​ ​Escape Room

We bring the “Escape Room” trend into recruiting and personnel marketing and make employer brands tangible.

In the Digital Escape Room, company content is packed into an exciting story and linked with the latest technologies such as virtual reality. An unforgettable experience for talents and employees.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Attentive, eventful and fully in the spirit of the times
  • The stories of the games can be individually adapted to the employer, the target group and current topics and trends
  • Challenge talents: interaction , Cooperation and logical thinking are required
  • Perfect integration of digital technologies through our strategic partner evrbit

Completely digital: Escape Game @Home

Our latest game variant “@Home” is played decentrally from the home office – the escape game nevertheless ensures an exciting and connecting team experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of the employer

Up to 10 players combine clues for 30 to 90 minutes, solve puzzles and crack codes to escape the escape room or reach another goal. The story, the tasks, the setting and the props - everything can be individually adapted to the employer, his target group and current topics / trends on request. Exciting technologies are used, e.g. Virtual & Augmented Reality. Technology, tools or other elements from the day-to-day work of the employer can also be integrated.

Recruiting, team building, onboarding: A wide range of uses

The mobile escape room can be set up at the company location, in universities or at trade fairs and events. For this, either an existing space is used or a cube is built from exhibition walls.

The completely digital game variant "Escape Game @Home" can be played completely decentrally at different locations at the same time or from the home office.

The bluebird Escape Games can be used as a highlight for different purposes, for example as an employer branding measure on Campus or on Career fairs, as a playful highlight at career, company or onboarding events at the company location or as an activity in team building, in personnel development or in the assessment center.

Escape room with all-round service

Our game leaders are always there, watching the game from the background and giving tips if necessary. They also support the evaluation and reflection of the digital escape room.

Of course we also take over the complete conception, story development and implementation for the individual escape room or the "Escape Game @Home". The experience can be used cross-media via a landing page and accompanying communication measures. With a ranking, the Escape Room can also be used as a competition.

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