Digital formats in personnel marketing

With digital technologies, city, nature, trade fair and company locations are easily the terrain for measures in personnel marketing.

An outdoor escape game is no longer limited to one room, but uses an entire city center or the company location interactively. A tablet tour as a digital rally is implemented at the desired location: Trade fair visitors become part of an exciting scavenger hunt with questions about the exhibiting company, trainees playfully deal with employer content while onboarding or existing employees increase communication and teamwork with each other.

Additional elementary difference to regular escape games: The number of people can be scaled up to 1,000 participants or more. Even parallel implementations at different locations are no problem.

Numerous features make the experience varied, location-independent and customizable:

  • Enter number: crack codes, enter numbers or estimate number
  • Answer questions: Find the right answer or code words
  • Multiple choice: answer quizzes or knowledge questions
  • Take photos: Take creative photos or capture team challenges
  • Record video: solve challenges and capture them via video
  • Open questions: collecting ideas, giving assessments or feedback

Tablet Tour

Equipped with a tablet and the necessary knowledge about the game app, the teams make their own way to the goal. Only the start and end point as well as the time period are set, you work out the way on your own. GPS-activated locations or QR codes confront you with questions, puzzles and challenges that need to be mastered in a team.

Challenge Hero

All teams try to score as many points as possible within a period. They achieve this through solved tasks, the path doesn't matter. But tactics are required here, because small tasks can be solved quickly, but the score increases slowly!

Outdoor Escape Game

A virtual border is set up in the desired area, which must not be exceeded. The participants play clues, solve puzzles and answer questions in order to free themselves from the limitations. Violations lead to loss of time in the game.

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