Dimension Beyond – teamwork in virtual space

Workshops, trainings, collaboration: Discover the possibilities of virtual reality for teams

With virtual reality, new dimensions of collaboration can be opened up. The Dimension Beyond prototype offers low-threshold access to the virtual world and enables versatile forms of communication and collaboration.

Dimension Beyond enables teams to work on projects, develop ideas or conduct training in the virtual meeting and workshop room. This makes global project and teamwork independent of location, more efficient, more personal, more sustainable and significantly cheaper.

This video shows the status quo of our prototype.

In order to develop the potential of teams, we open up new dimensions of cooperation. Are you in?

Would you like to discover the possibilities of VR collaboration with us and make them usable? We are looking for you as an innovator, pilot customer, discussion partner or investor! Go on a journey with us, identify sensible and beneficial use cases and bring the prototype to market with us!

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The technology

Dimension Beyond is based on the highly scalable eVRsync framework from evrbit GmbH from Cologne. A unique assistance and control system enables the technology to be used without prior VR knowledge.

Dimension Beyond works mobile and wireless and runs on the Oculus Go, Quest and Rift headsets as well as on desktop environments. eVRsync is the basis of a stable, flexible, modular and completely customizable system integrated in Unity3D.

The advantages:

• Location-independent, global teamwork
• Autonomous server architecture that can be integrated into the company
• Guaranteed data security
• Independent of the optional local server infrastructure - even without an internet connection
• 3D & 2D media integration

More than technology

Moderation & technical assistance: To use the full potential of VR for teamwork, Dimension Beyond is equipped with a variety of control and moderation options. Avatar remote control, user supervision and many other functions can be used via the technical assistance interface.

VR environment & methodology: The environment of the virtual meeting or work room can be designed individually. We also create predefined frameworks for certain types of use and methods, e.g. to illustrate the design thinking process in VR.

about us

The team behind Dimension Beyond consists of the passionate inventor Matthias Lenssen, the experts for personnel marketing and organizational development from bluebird as well as the XR professionals from evrbit.

Our common mission: to develop meaningful and individual VR solutions for teamwork in an agile and partnership-based process. We are happy to accompany you from the first VR testing, to a brainstorming session on possible use cases, through the conceptual phase, to the introduction to your organization.

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